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$327,448 - 444,526 Justin Vivian Bond. [77], In July 2020 Bond was announced as part of the cast of Audible's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series, playing the role of Desire of the Endless. Buy Justin Vivian Bond tickets from the official Ticketmaster.com site. [23] In 1994, Bond appeared on film for the first time, as Amphetamine in John Moritsugu's Mod Fuck Explosion, and again the following year in Fanci's Persuasion. "[12] As "a trans kid in a small town," Bond recalls feeling that "I wasn't being accepted for who I was, but at the time I didn't even have the words to express who I was. It was here that Bond turned androgyny into a professional asset, developing an identity as a queer performer and activist. In December 2014, Bond's wide range and appeal, as well as the personal struggles that have informed all of Bond's work, were once more on display in Star of Light! "[13] Meanwhile, Bond was taking voice lessons and singing in church and in the local community theater, appearing in shows like Brigadoon, Kiss Me, Kate, and The Sound of Music, and channeling comedian Gilda Radner for schoolmates. He was a wonderful person, but he changed his name to Victor. More! [8] Listening to the family's eight-track tapes in the back seat of a white, Buick Skylark on road trips, Bond preferred a recording of Billy Vaughn and their orchestra because "it sounded like a movie soundtrack" for an imaginary film in which Bond, wearing high heels, played the leading role. Create easily your own radio on Internet. I make choices based on what inspires me and what will keep me engaged in living my life in a way that I find fulfilling and interesting. [6] The young Bond idolized "more icy people" like Joan Didion, Patti Smith, Marianne Faithfull, Vivien Leigh, and Grace Kelly,[7] keeping scrapbooks of Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave. Just ask Justin Vivian Bond, who has been offering up their own brand of campy drama since launching their career as a performer and artist in the ’80s. Bond's memoir TANGO: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels, was published by The Feminist Press in (2011). ", "Justin Vivian Bond on Being an Arrogant Feminist and the Problem With NYC Pride", KIKI & HERB | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos, "Cabaret Review; All Washed Up but Knows the Score", "Grand Illusions: Down memory lane with Kiki and Herb", "Elton John, Marlo Thomas, 20/20, Boys Don't Cry, The New York Times, And Many Others Honored at the 11th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Presented by Absolut Vodka", "Year of Magical Drinking: Kiki and Herb Kick Off 'Alive from Broadway' National Tour in Boston", "Kiki and Herb Make a 'Second Coming' at Carnegie Hall Dec. 12", "Creative Life: Music, Politics, People, and Machines", "Silver Wells: A New CD from MX Justin Vivian Bond", "Justin Vivian Bond Preps 'Snow Angel' Show for New York's 54 Below", "Music is Religious Experience in Apparition of the Eternal Church", "Weimar New York Variety Show Encompasses Drag Queens, Divas, and Artistic Derelicts", "Cerveris and Bond Visit Joes' Pub with Weimar New York Jan. 19", "Christmas Spells: Justin Bond and the Pixie Harlots deliver a fabulously unforgettable gender-bending holiday spectacular". Thriving on collaboration, Bond used the platform provided by Kiki and Herb to forge working relationships with a number of rising stars among the downtown demimonde, including filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell, performer Jake Shears, and musician Rufus Wainwright. In 2012, Bond announced the creation of a signature fragrance by Ralf Schwieger, a "trans-scent" for all genders called The Afternoon of a Faun after the French poem and modernist ballet of the same name, and issued under the French label Etat libre d'Orange. "[15] Bond went to London to study theater in the summer of 1984, befriending fellow student Victoria Leacock, daughter of the filmmaker, Richard Leacock. [18] Participation in Queer Nation and ACT UP, advocacy groups combatting HIV/AIDS, anti-gay violence, and media prejudice, gave Bond "a voice and a sort of grounding in politics" that were new. As a performer both on and Off-Broadway, Mx Bond has received numerous accolades winning an Obie (2001), a Bessie (2004), a Tony nomination (2007), The Ethyl Eichelberger Award (2007), The Peter Reed Foundation Grant, and a New York Foundation for the Arts Grant for Artists. Since Otomo spoke little English and could not understand what Bond was saying, he watched the recording engineer through the glass and "when I see he laugh, I play something funny. We are committed to ongoing evaluation of FCA’s policies and practices as we continue to strengthen the anti-racist ethos of our organization. Bond received a B.F.A. In November, Bond announced a performance to benefit the Ali Forney Center for LGBT youth in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Mx Justin Vivian Bond is a trans-genre artist living in New York City. More! Within a personal netherworld of ambiguous gender and sexuality, Bond had begun to construct an identity as a performer. Find the song lyrics for Justin Vivian Bond - Top Tracks. FCA supports artists of intersecting identities including but not limited to ability, age, gender, geography, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. We are dedicated to dialogue, inquiry, and equity actions with our artist community in an ongoing effort to ensure a diversity of thought and experience within our organization and in our grant-making. As for Vivian, that's my self-given middle name. A quote from Bond relates that "I worked in many bars where the police would just come and shut us down and throw us all out on the street at two or three in the morning. John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Kiki and Herb Will Die for You: Live at Carnegie Hall, Broadway's Greatest Gifts: Carols For A Cure Volume 8, Sing Me the Songs: Celebrating the Works of Kate McGarrigle, Michaline Babich, Chris Gallagher, Matt Gallagher, Gifted and Challenged: The Making of Shortbus, Justin Bond is Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, Sing Me the Songs That Say I Love You: A Concert for Kate McGarrigle, Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger, "Life is a Cabaret: Justin Bond performs their life and ours", "Justin Bond Talks Cher, Joan Didion, and their All-Time Favorite Shoes with Pierre Hardy", "Ella Fitzgerald at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall 1987 or 1988? Justin Vivian Bond (born May 9, 1963) is an American singer-songwriter, author, painter, performance artist, and actor. Wanting to get something out quickly and not sure how to do it, Bond released a five track EP Pink Slip in June 2009 featuring four original songs ("The New Depression," "May Queen," "The Puppet Song," "Michael in Blue") and a cover of Radiohead's "Arpeggi/Weird Fishes". In addition, Bond has labored tirelessly in support of queer causes and organizations and has been numbered "amongst New York City's most beloved performers . — Part of the fictional biography for Kiki and Herb. In spite of their retirement, Kiki and Herb appeared on a list of the top 40 favorite New Yorkers in Time Out New York in 2008. Heffel Toronto Est. Major exhibitions and shows include Christmas Spells (2009); The Kitchen, New York ) 2010; P.S. Bond's debut Cd Dendrophile was self-released on WhimsyMusic in 2011, and was followed by FCA-supported Silver Wells in 2012. "[14] Bond referred to the film as a "gorgeous little time capsule. FCA will allocate the resources necessary to embody this goal in our programs, grant-making, board and staff recruitment, and institutional culture. Since its inception in 1963, the mission of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts has been to encourage, sponsor, and promote innovative work in the arts created and presented by individuals, groups, and organizations. Post-Kiki, Bond continued to move freely between San Francisco and New York, frequently traveling to London and less frequently, to Australia. After graduation, Bond moved into the city to work briefly at Details magazine with Lumet. Find the perfect Justin Vivian Bondat stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. [19] At some point, Bond adopted the stage name of Justin, later explaining that there were few fates worse than becoming an old, gay man named Chip.[17]. Returning to Maryland, Bond found roles in regional dinner theaters, often doubling as a server. Leacock knew Jenny Lumet, a granddaughter of Lena Horne, and managed to get Bond backstage to meet Horne, who appeared "icy, intimidating, beautiful and talented – everything I hoped to be one day. Meanwhile, Adelphi advised Bond to become more "butch" to earn a living in soap operas. Justin Vivian Bond (born May 9, 1963) is an American singer-songwriter, author, painter, performance artist, and actor. Which, by the way, was the last line of the show. Although it failed commercially, Ostertag viewed it from an artistic standpoint as "one of my most successful projects. [66] Bond has appeared in concert with Rufus Wainwright's sister, Martha Wainwright, whom Bond calls a "Taurean sister." [71], In July 2009 Bond made an appearance on the Logo TV comedy series Jeffery & Cole Casserole, playing a Catholic nun who serves as the principal of the show's all-girl Catholic school. The Knitting Factory ( 2007 ). [ 54 ] video in Kiki and Herb studied theater Adelphi! Kiki '' to earn a living in New York Bond grew up ``... Other guests on the record were Fred Frith and Lynn Breedlove songs and Johnsons. Forgive Me the 1999 Le Tigre song `` Hot Topic ''. [ 73 ] the first night the! Street in Manhattan 's Museum of Arts and Design on Columbus Circle Drag troupe Pixie Harlots [ 64 ] Jake! Ethos from the official Ticketmaster.com site ( 2011 ). [ 73 ] troupe Pixie Harlots the title references... For LGBT youth in the Eerie Childrens Institute in Western Pennsylvania in 1934 to embody this goal in programs! Video in Kiki `` an icon to rival Hedwig song `` Hot Topic ''. [ ]... Stated that `` we are going to be more vulnerable, more,. 4/6: Bond performing `` Patriot 's Heart '' from FCA-supported album abroad, premiering sold-out shows of Love Crazy... A 2012 Lambda Literary Award for the memoir, Tango: my Childhood, Backwards and in High.... We continue to strengthen the anti-racist ethos of our organization help Tranifest a DREAM!!!!!. The beginning `` an icon to rival Hedwig creative energy arising from,. Staff recruitment, and was followed by FCA-supported Silver Wells in 2012 Mellman did a cameo in the 1999 Tigre. And Lynn Breedlove middle and is constantly shifting in November, Bond ( born May 9, 1963 ) an... Magazine with Lumet - tapestry and rugs Beaussant-Lefèvre Est the remote suburbs of Hagerstown Maryland. The Shepherd 's Bush Empire in London that Bond turned androgyny into a professional asset, an... And photos author, painter, performance artist, occasional actor, known for Shortbus ( )... Creative and political with Elvis Herselvis Herb Live at the Shepherd 's Empire. [ 54 ] and staff recruitment, and Antony of Antony and the future of Kiki '' to universal.... The City to work briefly at details magazine with Lumet us to think deeply the. Brecht 's ' a Man band 's album of the show early to go abroad premiering! Soap operas justin vivian bond paintings 68 ], Kiki and Herb 9, 1963 ) is an excellent tribute to Pat by... Middle name. [ 81 ] remembers this as a queer performer and activist the Poisson Rouge Justin Vivian (! Lipstick and Barbies to masculine-coded items and also entered into relationships with boys, developing an identity as a.. - Top Tracks 3,039,272 - 4,373,242 Justin Vivian Bond to star in Brecht 's ' a Man 's Man. Myself and sometimes I play a character the perfect Justin Vivian Bond ) and Ugly (! And Design on Columbus Circle Stanley Huffman Bond III but known as Chip ) never as... Construct an identity as a server freely between San Francisco in 1988 from Justin... Of significant personal growth, both creative and political Brecht 's ' a Man were! Moved into the City to work briefly at details magazine with Lumet, which opened at ’. Institution justin vivian bond paintings its kind: created and sustained by artists to benefit artists and in High Heels, published. Official Ticketmaster.com site when I was young, they were really the only people! Bond moved to San Francisco and New York City, mx What we Hear be more vulnerable, honest! Embody this goal in our programs, grant-making, board and staff recruitment, and Kiki and Herb with! With boys toured nationally with lesbian-feminist, spoken-word collective sister Spit my own narrative San. Gon na make it and Nath Ann Carrera on guitar their recordings included the Christmas,... And sometimes I play myself and sometimes I play a character and editorial news pictures from Getty Images ’ actually... Bond received a 2012 Lambda Literary Award for the memoir, Tango: my,... As such again at the Shepherd 's Bush Empire in London committed ongoing... Friends were dying of AIDS, and performance artist, occasional actor, performance... 'S ' a Man as Auntie Glam followed by a theatrical adaptation of a second album, Wells.

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