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completion of post refit trials took passage to Hong Kong. Remained at Alexandria for submarine support. 2) Medway's designed speed is 15.5 knots. Medway will be a couple of months behind Forth in going to sea for a second time. 30th        Sunk by During later salvage operations 47 of the stock of 90 Overall the Royal Navy was and is controlled by the Admiralty, led by the First Lord of the Admiralty.  Submarine Flotilla at Hong Kong Mediterranean. In the morning of 30 June 1942 HMS Medway (Capt. 1. stores and 1,135 personnel for transfer to new base at //-->, if any ads offend, please contact Naval-History.Net, Submarine Flotilla at Hong Kong a r y   o f   W Speed: 16 knots March                    On HMS Excellent (Whale Island, Portsmouth) 3.1. Service. Complement: 1135 men. HMS Medway is equipped with a flight deck to operate the Merlin helicopter and armed with a 30mm automatic cannon, two miniguns, four machine guns and is capable of more than 24 knots. Medway Division - HMS President's cover photo 18/09/2020 Fitness tests last night, a socially distanced Royal Navy Fitness test, great to see a 100% pass rate BZ (Navy speak for well done). The Royal Navy's newest warship has been added to the fleet at a ceremony on the river she was named after. List - HMS Medway is a River-class offshore patrol vessel. Medway Queen was requisitioned for the Royal Navy in 1939 and converted for mine-sweeping. The names on this list have been submitted by relatives, friends, neighbours and others who wish to remember them, if you have any names to add or any recollections or photos of those listed, please Add a Name to this List HMS Medway is a Batch 2 River-class offshore patrol vessel. See HITLER'S U-WAR by C Blair for details. The navy had many groups from the largest Fleets to the smallest divisions. Later in 1942 HMS MEDWAY II was commissioned at Beirut for submarine support. She remained India-based until returning to the Med in 1945. until being transferred to the Mediterranean, Alexandria for support In June 1942 she moved into the Red Sea for service in the Indian Ocean including time at Cape Town. The WWII-era SS Richard Montgomery sits just over a mile from shore – and locals fear that its 1,400 tonnes of potent explosives could go off at any time. In the morning of 30 June 1942 HMS Medway (Capt. Dave was a member of the Sittingbourne Branch RNA . For for Medway 14,650 / 2000 => a DF of 7. British Submarine tender This is a listing of people associated with this ship. HMS Medway was commissioned into the Royal Navy during a ceremony at Chatham Dockyard on September 19, 2019. destroyer sold in 19221. Alexandria for support Support of Mediterranean submarines in continuation at Alexandria. (Note: The Over 15 days, the sea trials were carried out under a mixed civilian and Royal Navy crew under admiralty trials master captain Graham Baxter. torpedoes fired from U372 off Alexandria. S/M Dave Davis served on HMS Medway in 1942 and survived the sinking on the 30th June. Deployment at Alexandria for support of 1st Submarine Flotilla in continuation. June                        Along with her sister vessels, she was designed for counter-piracy, anti-smuggling, fishery protection, border patrol, counter terrorism and maritime defence duties. Badge:  On a Field Silver, a  Lion black upon a Bridge Red. Robert Broderick Fri, 12 Apr 2019: My Grandfather W H Pengelley (J43432) served on board and survived. in 1942 HMS MEDWAY II was commissioned at Beirut for submarine support. September             Under refit by HMS Medway as seen before the Second World War. Edited by Gordon HMS Medway is a 90-metre offshore patrol vessel and will be involved in counter-terrorism and anti-smuggling operations to help keep Britain safe. Accommodation was provided in HM Coastal Minelayer MEDUSA for personnel employed in facilities ashore. In 1936 a bow rudder was fitted and in 1938 Medway Queen was converted to oil-firing. Please use this if you spot mistakes or want to improve this ships page. HMS Medway Queen remained an active minesweeper until late 1943 when she … HMS Dartmouth (Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, Devon) 2.1. for transfer to, 29th        Embarked and formatting is required,

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