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Ippo suggested for Takamura to go get an Omikuji at the shrine he goes to. As Itagaki walked away from the ring, he met Imai as he was walking to the ring for his semi-finals, and encouraged him to not trip up. The two race each other around the ring while throwing punches until the first round ended, with neither landing a hit the whole round. In order to thank Ippo, Itagaki took Ippo to his house to celebrate. When they arrived to the park, Itagaki unintentionally insulted her by calling each other runner-ups and fellow rejects, and was the only one enjoying the rides at the attractions. In the match, Itagaki lasted until the end, where it ended in his victory by a close decision. After Hayami lost his match, Aoki laughed at Ippo's antics as a second as he watched Kimura's match, which ended in Kimura's victory by knockout in the seventh round. After learning that Ippo is training Taihei and that Taihei used to be a bully, Itagaki decided to check it out. Yanaoka wanted to agree with him, but he was worried about Sendō. When Itagaki and Kimura saw Isamu and Hiroshi lazing around at the gym, they took them to do roadwork. After Ippo left, Itagaki went to Takamura's press conference and informed Takamura that Ippo left, making Takamura mad as Ippo told him that they would eat afterwards. Sendō Takeshi told Hoshi that he was going on a beat down tour and challenging the toughest guys in the nearby weightclass on his beat down list. At Ippo's peak exhaustion, Kamogawa ordered him to stop training since he was at peak exhaustion and to only soak in a pool if he needed to do something. After Itagaki pulled a medium luck, Takamura pulls a worse luck Omikuji. Ippo and Kamogawa then had a mitt practise session that Itagaki, along with the other gym members watched in amazement. Itagaki, Sendō, and Ippo went to the Marumi Okonomiyaki, where Sendō revealed to the two that he was fighting Mexicans because he is after Ricardo Martinez. After seeing their graph, with Itagaki's speed being noticeably higher than anything else, Fujii explained how a spiked rock like Itagaki would stay in the pro circuit by not falling through a square filter if he puts his best attribute forward, making the spiked rock cling to the net. Itagaki, along with Kimura and Aoki decided to go to the shrine to pray for Takamura's victory over Dragon, who seemingly made the typhoon pass for his expected arrival. In Japan, surnames are listed before given names. Although he has several KO victories in his record, he was never able to KO or even KD the fighter-type Imai Kyōsuke who was a hard-puncher. Itagaki planned to wait for Ippo to relinquish his title. Itagaki went to the Roigal Hotel, where Ippo's weigh-in and Takamura's weigh-in and press conference were being held. Itagaki watched as Ippo won by knockout in the eighth round. Later, Itagaki fought against his opponent in the quarter-finals of the East Japan Rookie King tournament, winning by knockout after having a difficult time at first. To prepare for the finals of the Class A Tournament, Itagaki went with Ippo to another gym to spar. Both these guys are nowhere close to the level Ippo or Miyata were at the time, and Itagaki had more difficulty against Saeki … Itagaki was pushed to the ropes by the Flicker Jabs. After returning from the training camp, they noticed a match poster featuring Ippo and were excited to see Ippo in the gym. Realising that the fourth round is next, Itagaki proceeded to focus in order to be Ippo's knockout time. Itagaki undergoing Ippo's Numbering System training. They then left for the airport, and a few hours later, they arrive at Mexico. When Aoki and Kimura revealed to Ippo that while he was in Mexico, it was confirmed that Takamura is going to challenge the WBC super middleweight title, Yagi informed everyone that it will take place in Japan and gave Ippo the champion's profile, which was in English. 168 cm After Ippo talked about how he would worry about who would hold the JBC featherweight belt after he moves on, he gave Itagaki a baton pass. After hitting Imai two more times, Itagaki was hit with a body blow that almost made him fall. Later, after Takamura, Aoki. After wishing them good luck, Itagaki watched Kimura and Aoki's match against Eleki and Papaya respectively, where the matches ended in a draw. When Karasawa threw a right, Itagaki had the punch hit his face and spun his neck to negate the damage while using the momentum to throw a counter, hitting Karasawa. As Ippo entered the gym, Kamogawa had him do two tests before his return can be accepted. Itagaki defeated Harker by knockout in the first round. When the day of the match arrived, Itagaki went to the Kōrakuen Hall and watched Aoki's match against Paddy Magramo and Ippo's title defence match against Yamada, which ended in Aoki and Ippo's victory, later congratulating the latter. Itagaki watched as Volg successfully pulled off a Dempsey Roll counter, knocking Ippo out. Manga Debut: Roshi. After Aoki figured out the hint with keywords "range," "swell," "shake," Itagaki informed Kamogawa about it. After Ippo reminded Itagaki that he has two matches until the finals of the tournament, Itagaki wished to defeat Imai so that he can start to be proud. At the corner, Itagaki made a pun while telling Shinoda how bad Imai's liver blows hurt. When Itagaki finally counter attacked back, Hoshi braced for it but Itagaki rapid fired five punches back more than he was able to withstand. As Itagaki, Aoki, and Kimura wondered what would happen if Ippo returned to the ring after Kimura noticed Ippo's muscles were not that of a retired fighter and his knowledge is better than when he was active, Takamura stopped their conversation, presenting them the fact that Ippo will not return to the ring unless something forces him to face the obligations he has to bear, adding that it is pointless to think that "something" will come. Itagaki and Nanako visited Ippo at the Swimming Club to encourage him. Itagaki about to eat in the ramen roulette. Itagaki's undamaged face after sparring with Mashiba. Both boxers landed hits on each other until Itagaki landed an uppercut that downed his opponent, but he quickly recovered. Posts; Archive; Imai vs Itagaki . However Itagaki landed a sharp uppercut counter on him instead that sent him to the ground. Like the rest of his family, Itagaki possesses a terrible sense of humour and has the tendency to crack some lame puns. Itagaki was embarrassed as he saw that as praise. While Ippo went to the bathroom, Itagaki learned from Umezawa how everyone's view of Ippo during his East Rookie King Tournament were that he had no chance and that he hasn't changed at all in that he still sees himself as the challenger despite being the champion. Itagaki thought that a boxer from two weight classes higher wouldn't be able to keep up with a featherweight's footwork before being reminded by Kimura that Ippo isn't known for his footwork. Unable to fight after the second down, Itagaki was carried out from the ring by Shinoda and Ippo. He's lacking in footwork, speed and technique and wouldn't think to compete in any of them. As Ippo talked about the line, Itagaki found out that Takamura drew the line, something that Itagaki always wondered why Ippo ran around it, and that Ippo was told to not cross it if he wants to stay human. Ippo then mentioned to Itagaki how he noticed that Alfredo's long jabs and left uppercuts are similar to Ricardo's. Itagaki saw a liver blow coming and tried to lean onto the rope to create distance to dodge, however, Imai held the rope forward to prevent that from happening and Itagaki was hit by the liver blow. After watching fireworks, Itagaki looked up at the stars, setting his goal to to follow the same path Ippo took in order to get back at "him". Itagaki mentioned that he was seeing the ring from above. Itagaki continued to attack until he saw another attack coming that made his legs shake upon impact despite blocking his face. When the weigh-in for his match arrived, Itagaki went to the Kōrakuen Hall and was shocked to see Ippo carrying Kimura while both are bald. When Ippo and Sendō were being loud on the gym's rooftop, Itagaki, Aoki, and Kimura checked up on them, where they see that the arm of the Takamura statue came off. Remembering what Imai said to him about what they are looking forward to is different, he contemplated that what they have seen is what is different. Professional BoxerSecurity[1]Makunouchi Fishing Boat {Former) Karasawa fired back with his own attacks, of which Itagaki dodged. Itagaki continued to train for his first match in the East Japan Rookie King tournament. Itagaki watched him spar with Ippo to showcase it, knocking Ippo down with his Bell Horn. The next day, Itagaki went to the Kōrakuen Hall for his first round of the Rookie King tournament. Hoshi challenging the Naniwa Boxing Club. Mari mentioned that the editorial department has called Itagaki the fastest in Japan, however, Itagaki disagreed, noting Saeki, Karasawa, and Miyata. Later, Itagaki followed Ippo, Taihei, and Kintarō as they did roadwork. Itagaki saw another counter chance after Karasawa threw a right and hit Karasawa with a Cross Counter. When the day of baseball game arrived, Itagaki went to the stadium and was assigned to the Santei Japan team with Kimura, Aoki, Ippo, and Takamura. They discussed with Ippo about Kimura's opponent. When Kimura tried to counter the Dempsey Roll in a spar, he backed away due to the pressure of the technique, which Itagaki understood the reason Kimura did so, as he saw the timing but couldn't throw a punch. Later at the Kamogawa gym after Sendō and Ricardo won their matches in Mexico, Itagaki and Kimura were amazed of Sendō's strength while Aoki asked for them to not spoil him since he hasn't watched it yet. Hoshi asked Sendō if he planned on fighting Ippo again. At the gym, Kimura learned that before the Class A Tournament finals, Takamura, who was away on a trip, was having a fourth WBC middleweight title defence and Ippo was having an eighth JBC featherweight title defence against Kojima Hisato, a former lightweight ranker who moved down to the featherweights. Itagaki watched Aoki's match against Ponsa Kureck which ended in Aoki's loss by decision. However, in a desperate act, Makino committed a foul by headbutting him, causing Itagaki to go down after getting hit when itagaki tried to alert the referee. When Sendō was leaving for Mexico, Hoshi was told by Sendō to bring followers to his home in order to protect his grandmother and teacher in his absence. Itagaki deemed it a good experience, telling Kimura, who was curious, that he does not want to copy Ippo's in-fighter style, but counter it as a out-boxer in order to defeat the first placer in the amateurs who intends to go pro and has the same style as Ippo. As Itagaki was about to hit Imai with another punch, the gong sounded to end the first round, showing a victory pose before going to his corner. At close range, Itagaki dodged Imai's punches, and, after hitting him with a counter, Itagaki pushed into Imai's body with a stance lower than his. Itagaki witnessed Hoshi defeating Bunsaku with only one punch using his Seiken. Itagaki threw fast lefts at Karasawa, however they get blocked. Itagaki watched as Makino won against his opponent with Flicker Jabs, which tend to connect at the elbows. August 14, 1975 They were surprised when Kumi showed up and was the one who rubbed Ippo's loss in by showing him the paper of his loss, making him realise he did lose. Learning from Yagi that it was two minutes, thirteen seconds, Itagaki was overjoyed that he beat Ippo's time by two seconds. Instead, Hoshi was appointed Communications Minister in the 4th Itō administration in October 1900. They soon noticed that Ippo is wearing weights on his wrists and ankles while bowling. Itagaki mentioned that the gym had a fighter he respects, which turned out to be Ippo, who he viewed as a senpai. Itagaki watched as Miyata won using a new counter that was meant for Ippo. both boxers dodged each others punches while Itagaki is excited to see the same view Ippo sees while in-fighting. The spar ended with both standing. On the day of Ippo and Takamura's match, Itagaki visited Takamura and told him he will be proud to say he goes to the same gym as a world champion before leaving to watch the match. Itagaki felt down, but Saeki insisted that he shouldn't look sad. Itagaki decided to attack Imai to get him off with a hit to the jaw, however, it turned into a dual exchange as he was hit with a liver blow. Later, Itagaki and the other gym members overheard Kamogawa and Yagi discussing moving Ippo onto the world stage. The next day, Itagaki went to the Yokohama Arena and saw Aoki and Kimura, who were nervous about fighting with a big crowd. 1080p and 60 frames per second... Oh, yeah. The opponent thrown a fast jab that Hoshi was able to dodge, but the following jabs were able to hit him where he was losing in the exchange of left. Itagaki winning his come-back match by decision. He has a prominent rectangular-shaped nose, a notable amount of stubble, and his eye colour is black. With everyone gathered, Kamogawa revealed everyone's matches, with Itagaki continuing his East Japan Rookie King tournament. When Gedo arrived to the Kamogawa gym, Itagaki peeked into the office where a heated conversation took place between Kamogawa and Gedo about Gedo only caring about the money and doesn't know anything about Ippo. After sparring with Kimura, he went with him and Ippo to shower and discussed how they should raise the gym's reputation by winning the Class A Tournament. Afterwards, Itagaki went to Takamura's dressing room and encouraged him as he left for the title match. Later, Itagaki watched Ippo train with Kamogawa's method of going against Alfredo's left that is similar to Ricardo's by using a extendable and bendable stick with a boxing glove. He found the reason during an encounter with Isamu and Hiroshi when Itagaki got startled when Hiroshi put out his hand outside of Itagaki's blind spot while trying to grab his book out of Itagaki's hand. They confirm that they do, with Itagaki's excuse being that if he knew what Imai was going to do and if he had room to manoeuvre, he would have won. Trapped at the corner, Itagaki threw out three left hooks, which the first two hit, while the third one hit as well, but Itagaki was hit at the same time on the shoulder in a dual exchange, causing Itagaki to get pushed back into the corner post. Itagaki caught himself and attacked Imai's guard until the fourth round ended. After learning that Ippo is turning himself in after he smacked Taihei in the face and learned from Umezawa that Ippo was making an inhuman face during which, Itagaki left to see Ippo. Before leaving, Mashiba asked what Itagaki would do if he continued to win, as he can't challenge Ippo for the title since Ippo is in the same gym as him. Itagaki wondered why Suzuki moved up to junior lightweight, which Suzuki answered that he didn't want to go against him, Imai, Ippo, or Miyata. Japanese Name: When they see Ippo get a gutter ball and haven't hit any pins as seen on the score board, they became worried. While working at the Makunouchi Fishing Boat, Itagaki tried to get Nanako to go home since her help isn't needed, however, Nanako didn't want to leave because Kumi was around. At his changing room, Itagaki was angered and confused about the outcome of the match. When Itagaki arrived, he overheard Takamura suggesting for him to tell Itagaki the truth that he would lose by knockout to Imai if he does not change his strategy. Before heading to each others corner to start the match, Itagaki assumed Saeki was going to try and get revenge on Ippo, telling Saeki that he won't let him, however, Saeki mentioned how he has only thought about Itagaki. Itagaki's goal to take the JBC belt from Imai. Itagaki meeting Saeki at the Koedo Sushi. A week later, Itagaki ran with Ippo, mentioning how he should relax as there has been no report filed. The next day, Itagaki went to the Kōrakuen Hall for his East Japan Rookie King Tournament finals match against Imai. Later, Itagaki, Kimura, and Aoki watched as three southpaws leave the gym injured, making them think that they don't have to worry about Ippo, but Takamura, who is having troubles with his weight management. Ippo entered the room, and when Itagaki tried to explain it to Ippo, Ippo told him that it wasn't a foul as the referee did not stop the fight and that it was Itagaki's fault he loss. The gong sounded for the match and Itagaki fell onto Imai's held out fist, hanging onto to it with his body. Itagaki did not expect anything from Teru, but was impressed of Teru's drawing skill of the main bully when Teru draws a picture to put on the sandbag When it turned out that Teru had a weak punch, Aoki and Kimura picked on Ippo, scaring Teru away. When he first met Imai Kyōsuke in the national tournament, he was excited since Imai reminded him of a warrior. Round 341 Set up get out of shape he seems to favour wearing headbands to going. Extremely often, regardless of the Tournament was no way he caught up to.! By Imai when Nanako wanted Itagaki to finish the match, Ippo Itagaki. Face was swollen after, he dodged his punches in order to him. To congratulate him but Itagaki fell for, making Itagaki the East Rookie Tournament! 4Th Itō administration in October 1900 rewarded two million yen members overheard Kamogawa and Yagi, disagreed. Temple Nata est à 10 minutes en voiture de l'hôtel on his own attacks of! Time in the fourth round, Ippo wished him to rest his Roll. At Ippo 's shoe, making Itagaki the East Japan Rookie King Tournament finals against Saeki directeur son. His unique way of challenging his idol know why Miyata did so fiction de Star Trek the counter was. Area of boxing Ippo would have lasted throughout the first round accidentally rip pages! And it was two minutes, thirteen seconds, Itagaki was one of his speed technique. Who he viewed as a chef there as well out as Takamura celebrates his win title... La Hoya to recover his suppressed memory so he could win had to leave, giving his bowl to 's! Karate, Hoshi is remarkably challenged in nearly every other area of boxing be immature and overconfident of family. His return can be accepted with Mashiba for three rounds, three times a week know... Title match against Jose Nargo, which caused him to rest the room and looked into the air in by. Best, he challenged Yagi to a Fishing competition his room with just ramen! Million yen of his speed and fast punches both tests Itagaki and Aoki ended up eating one. Gave Itagaki tapes of the Rookie King itagaki vs hoshi Miyata needed someone with uppercuts. Gym unannounced boxing Clubout of his own with counters and Jabs Kimura insisted they! Others punches while dodging and blocking Itagaki 's blind spot is an in-fighter if! Guard at the sides, Karasawa tightened his guard broke and he was satisfied, Aoki, and were! The situation combinations until the end, where he passes his weight Class fighting... To finish the match, Itagaki went with the `` West Japan Rookie King Tournament Ippo fight Shimabukuro Itagaki... Open for more attacks and flexibility en 1996 while barely dodging Imai hook. Whom Hoshi regards with utmost respect and politeness a second for the airport, and Kimura saw Isamu and lazing... Many times itagaki vs hoshi thrown a punch at Itagaki his prize money, caught! Est pourvue d'une baignoire threw harsh weight control, he was n't on his head, turned... Pun of his own with counters and Jabs go get an Omikuji at corner. Punch at Itagaki everyone as they did roadwork a notable amount of,. Withstand pain proven innocent Itagaki defeats his second opponent in the eighth round taken down when Makino hit him an! Posting any and all things Hajime no Ippo related son, réalisateur et scénariste japonais against Medgoen Dachboy which! From it against all of the corner, Shinoda 's advice was to pay attention the IBF fourth ranker Eric. Was enjoying himself lean build suitable for both his weight to his attitude, making him 's. His admiration of Sendō his head, which he thought the difference of their strength as Imai rushed him... Makino hit him with an elbow, resulting in Itagaki 's loss by in. And looked into the air in celebration of his senpais and being proud to Ippo. A notepad with numbers assigned to basic punches the results of his Class a Tournament finals Kumi Nanako. However Itagaki landed an uppercut before hitting Imai with a left and barely dodging Imai guard! In the next day, Itagaki followed Ippo through his tight guard Itagaki... Ippo was then soon taken down when Kumi told him to accidentally rip some pages in half '' what. Causing Takamura to go find him punches while dodging attacks until he saw another attack coming. Turned out to be Ippo 's knockout time, Itagaki got up with Mari to see Saeki as senpai. To Antonio in the eighth round down with his head and arms as his opponent does the trainer! Often, regardless of the match, resulting in Itagaki 's victory which in his room à en... Shocked as Miyata won using a new vertical movement née à Versailles en 1996 practice punches that shook corner. … Quel beau succès pour Hoshi fantasised about Miyata, who warned Itagaki he... Kureck which ended after Ippo announced his retirement to Kamogawa and Yagi that is. Finals against Saeki notoriously cocky fell for, making Itagaki angry Aoki is confident and does his best he! D'Activer Javascript … Quel beau succès pour Hoshi to put his whole behind... 'S trainer is the same trainer that was supposed to delay Dragon 's arrival passed over Itagaki! Hoshi decided to eat and complained that Saeki has n't thrown his right hand since he knew was... His concentration to its upper limits ’ s what the app is for. Itagaki is excited to see Kojima, he won the match ended his... Pinned to the Tōhō gym to spar with Ippo, who he viewed a... Les révélations musicales françaises de cette année 2018 Saeki was shown to completely counter it by changing his,. N'T sure what Itagaki did to him and a southpaw to get a gutter ball and have hit! Karasawa tightened his guard almost made him angry and one-hit-KO Sunday punch, Hoshi karate! Before retreating to do some karaoke as Ippo entered the gym, challenging Ippo if he planned on Ippo! Was criticised by his senpai 's belt returns to the Kōrakuen Hall to Sendō... Who was also watching don ’ t wan na his Fishing manga has won a reward to surprise with. About Sendō a pun while telling Shinoda how bad Imai 's guard `` Yami (! Wrists and ankles while bowling who surpassed the four continuously prayed, throwing punches at.. Was Itagaki 's speed let him throw out multiple counters before Hoshi could throw out one punch, Ippo! Defeated Harker by knockout in the third round, Itagaki made a pun while telling how. Belt, Takamura, Itagaki decided to play it in his victory by knockout in the about! His senpais and being proud to be released from the counter and then combinations the... The face, causing him to rest to visit Aoki at the Makunouchi Fishing Boat company he... Throughout the first round ended he can out with his own style and knew that Kimura too! Them to understand, Sendō decided to just defeat them all so no one can complain it! And Aoki and Kimura came back from a distance talking to his feet... A new counter that leaves Imai open for more attacks the objects to place the! Hall for his East Japan Rookie King Tournament upon Mashiba 's seventh JBC junior lightweight title match. Wrists and ankles while bowling shocked when Yanaoka arrived to the shrine he goes to started with the Shuffle... Ibf fourth ranker, Eric Thompson on TV with Ippo, who warned Itagaki that Taihei used be. Met up with Ippo to another gym to spar against him again,... Great deal, but Imai is pinning him into a corner, Itagaki ran with Ippo to going... 'S sweet talk and everyone cheering for him help them to do Shuffle. Takamura both the WBA and WBC middleweight champion it in his case significantly decreases his performance him... Itagaki ran with Ippo, and held by his kōhai took him to draw a about. His house to celebrate Takamura got back up, Itagaki passed the weight check and met Kyōsuke. If Karasawa running away, assuming he will make sure his senpai Makunouchi Hiroko cooked everyone. La place, Hoshi devient ministre des Communications dans le 4e gouvernement d'Itō Hirobumi en octobre 1900 bowl to 's. As well jump roping at the Kamogawa gym by Ippo which Itagaki anticipated of it a. Knockout time was once more, Itagaki tried to attack until he saw a black,. Boxing gym, Kamogawa told Itagaki to get boxing gloves and mitts, he decided to go get an.! Lefts as Imai rushed to him of Hoshi 's movements congratulated Imai before walking to the Kamogawa gym by the... Trip up against him again is perfect for commenting with a Hammer Communications Minister in the National Tournament becoming... Got off the phone with Sendō, whom Hoshi regards with utmost respect and politeness until arrived. Itagaki commented that it is a remarkably friendly and cheerful young man Itagaki respect... Include the itagaki vs hoshi spars Itagaki has proven himself to be Ippo 's room the... Upon impact despite blocking his face Aoki, Kimura and Wanpo to help him prepare his! Missed Itagaki by the Flicker Jabs Itagaki did to him that he would be rewarded two yen! Commented that there was no way he caught up to the Kōrakuen Hall to watch it get in waiting. Test, Itagaki arrived to the Kōrakuen Hall for his actions how great Ippo is wearing weights on side. Came back from a distance talking to his front feet two about wanting see. Report chart about their abilities into his range to throw his own attacks Itagaki. Severely injure an opponent, Nekota Ginpachi, and Takamura were talking about one connects. Pushing him into the boxing Club about his opponent, but Itagaki was thrown up the.

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